PRICES* All prices subject to change. All of the Monthly Packages listed below are via Direct Debit on 1st of the month. I dont believe in long term contracts,P more long term commitments. Packages run on a rolling month and can be changed or cancellled at the end of each month. I only ask to be nofitfied by the 20th of each month so that I can make any changes before any paymets are taken for the following month.  

PAY AS YOU GO £10 per session (Wattbike Pro/Trainer & Nucleus) 
10 x Wattbike Open sessions £80 (Wattbike Pro/Trainer & Nucleus)  
Unlimted Wattbike Open sessions £70 per month (Wattbike Pro/Trainer & Nucleus)  
AtomX is also availble - please contact me for furhter details. 
For me as a coach, I feel it's important to sit down and talk through your requirements because from experiance, some clients may only need my help with 1 session per week where others may need me to provide every session they complete. There may be a mix of online and inhouse training so I prefer to spend time working through your requirements then a package can be developed and a price provided. 
£40 per 60min session 
I am a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist.  
My starting PT package is based on 1 x personal training session per week which is £130 per month. But like my approach to coaching, I like to take time to sit down and chat about you, your goals and your why so that I can make sure any training I can offer is going to help you work towards your goals.  
Wattbike Fitness Assessment, Testing, Pedal Technique Analysis and Workshops 
Since opening a Wattbike studio in June 2013 I have worked with Wattbike in various capacities and at present I have a title of Wattbike Master Trainer which is where I travel to various facilities to develiver Wattbike workshops. Workshops can deliver various information to help others learn and deveop their knowledge on how to use the Wattbike. 
Wattbike Assesments & Testing enables us to gather information such as training zones, heart rate and power which not only allows you to use these within each Wattbike sesssion you complete, but also to monitor and measure your improvements.  
Pedal tequnique assessments make the invisible visable - using the Wattbike hub we can record each pedal stroke, break down each stroke into segments and look into how (if it's neccessary) we can work to improve our technique. 
Wattbike workshops are structured around your requiremtns from a 60 minute session covering how to use the Wattbike to all day workshops where we can go through in more detail, all things Waattbike.  


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