Deciding to have a Personal Trainer is a big step. I realise that you have other choices when it comes to fitness and I would like to thank you for concidering MSF FITNESS. If you choose MSF Fitness you will receive a first class personalised service – nothing less. 
I understand that making a decision to commit to improving your fitness is a difficult one. 

Achieve Your Goals 

With our help, guidance and training methods you will help you achieve your goals. All I ask is that you stay focused, commited and determined to achieve your personal goals. 
We can offer you training at the fitness studio located in Telford, I can visit your home or we can use the great outdoors if you prefer. Wherever the location and whatever your choice of training, you are guaranteed a workout session best suited to your goals. 
Training sessions start from 30 minutes and designed to suit your schedule, the most popular time for each weekly personal training session is 60 minutes but depending on your requirements som e sessions may be longer. 

We'll Get You Off to the Right Start 

As a new member you will receive a profile pack full of information to help you get started towards a new healthier you! 
Within the pack you will have all the information from your consultation; plus weekly nutritional information; a diary planner and training record forms. You can also access weekly information and updates online. 
To start your programme we begin with a consultation. This takes 60 minutes and may include some physical assessments of fitness, mobility and strength while discussing your goals, previous training history and to outline any injuries or health conditions. 
Once the initial consultation meeting has taken place your personal training programme will be planned and continuously updated. 

Track Your Progress 

Over time your personal profile will build up showing you a history of progression. This allows me to keep tweaking and tailoring the programme for optimum results and clearly shows you if what we are doing is working. Should you have any questions concerning your training at any time in between sessions I will always be available to address your concerns or provide advise. 
So I hope this makes you feel comfortable with what I offer and how I work so I look forward to working with you. 
Personal training costs £30.00 for a 60 minute session, 
Results dont happen over night and within our studio we take an honest and open appraoch to training, we would need 12 weeks coomitment from a client as anything less is not enough time to get results and we can only deliver great results if our clients are commited in the same way we are. 
We dont ask anyone to sign into contracts and sessions can be paid for individually or as a block booking 


To see stories of our past successes, click below. 


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