Hi it's Mark. How Can I help? 

Thank you for taking the time to view my website.  
My name is Mark and I run MSF Fitness/Mark Fenn - Health & Fitness & Mark Fenn Sports Massage Therapy. I'm located on the first floor of Jesson House - based on Stafford Park 1, Telford.  
My facilty is appoinment only so that I can focus on delivering Personal Training, Coaching and Sports Massage within a fully equiped studio Monday to Sunday.  

Personal Training or Personal Coaching?  

I don't believe in long-term contracts, more long-term commitments. I structure plans based on a rolling month, so we can easily adapt plans as we go.  
My foundation personal training plan is based on 1 session per week and costs £175 per month (Approximately £40 per session) PAYG is an option . After this point, your plan becomes bespoke. We build it together and it becomes personal coaching. 
What do you get with the foundation plan? 
You get me, a CIMPSA chartered Personal Trainer  
Easy parking outside of the studio 
Communual area with toilets, showers and kitchen 
Air conditioned studio  
Fully equiped commercial-grade studio  
Personal Training/Coaching is not a 'one approach fits all'. I feel it is important that we spend some time to make sure the plan and methods used are the best ones for you at this time before any type of plan/training is booked. I appreciate when looking to start with a personal trainer we want to get going and dive straight into the training but this initial approach is imporant otherwise it's very easy for it to become just a training session not a personal training session.  
The WHO - WHAT - WHY are key points which we will talk through. 
What are your experiances and expectations of Personal Training? 
How many Personal training sessions per week do you feel would be the best starting point and how long would you like each session to be? 
How much training will you complete between Personal Training sessions and what type of training will this be? Every session we complete is affected by what we have previously done in the days before while also considering the days to come. Some of my current clients provide an outline of what they do while others will have guidance or sessions planned provided by me. 
Is any support outside of Personal Training required? This might be providing training plans, guidance, support or accountabilty. You may already know what you need to do but need help and support to do it. 
Recent & Current reasons why clients have/have had Personal Training: 
A short block of 1:1 personal training to learn how to get the most from their gym membership and training time. From technique to methods used. 
To work on improving overall health and fitness enjoying turning up to each session knowing it has been planned, it gets reviewed and adapted or progressed at the right time.  
Weight management while improving health and fitness. 
4 day challange consisting of walking, cycling and kayaking in New York. 
Ride from London to Paris. 
Road running race series based on competing in 6 events.  
Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challange. 
The Atlantic Rowing Challange - solo and team.  
Knee rehab. 
Shoulder rehab due to broken shoulder.  
Achilies rehab. 
Progressing cycling fitness. 
Sports performance for badminton, golf, cycling, running.  

The First Step  Please complete the contact form at the bottom of this page and I will get back to you as soon as I can or call/text/whatsapp 07980 425 458. At this point, there will be questions - hopefully from you as much as me! 

WHAT DO YOU GET WITH A MONTHLY PT PLAN?  Personal Training sessions within a fully equipped private studio so each session can focus on you, your training and all the equipment is availble. This helps us follow a structured plan each session, without the hassle of equipment not being available.  Accountability and consistency with each session being pre-booked.  Flexibility to either have your session same day and time each week or book your session on a weekly basis providing more flexibilty.  Your plan can include out of session support, sports massage and nutritional support as bolt-on options.   Your training plan is personal to you and built around your requirements and can be adapated to add or remove sections of it at any time.  Your training plan wil lbe based on using methods that will work towards your goals in the way you enjoy.   I like to view personal training in 4 ways:   1. I can navaigate and sail the ship while you do the work.  2. I can navigate and you sail the ship.   3. You navigate and sail while I support you on your journey.  4. All 3 of the above get you to a point where you may feel I am no longer required and my job is done. But you know if the ship goes off course, I am here to help you get back on track.  There is no correct way, just the best way for you.   


* Payable by Direct Debit after first month. No contracts or minimum term. Additional charge for bolt-on options.  


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