Suffering from a stiff neck?  Watch this 10min video on how to use MET (Muscle Energy Techniques)  to help ease it off. 

 SPORTS MASSAGE THERAPY Mark is a Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist and brings his knowledge of both sports massage and personal training to the treatment room, to enable him to provide the best possible sports massage treatment.  You don't have to be into fitness or sport to benfit from a sports massage. Many of Marks clients don't do any sport but feel the benefit from regular sport massages. Sitting at a desk for long periods, driving, standing up on a production line or daily life can all cause issues with your tissues which a sports massage can help ease.   The experience will vary just as the reasons for deciding on a Sports Massage will vary. It may be that you have ongoing conditions such as tight calves from running, or tense shoulders from sitting at a desk or have sustained a recent injury from a sprain or an accident. Even those who have recently undergone surgery will benefit from treatment. 

Lower or Upper Body Sports Massage Appointments 
Appointments are 60 minutes. Within this time, Mark will provide either lower or upper body sports massage. 
£40 per session 
90min or Upper & Lower Body Sports Massage Appointments 
Appointments are 90 minutes. 
£55 per session  
Appointments are available from 6.30am Monday to Saturday with limited availability on Sundays 
Complete the form below and we will be in touch to arrange your appointment. 
Or you may choose to call us: 01952 290762 Call or Text: 07980 425 458 
(Please note, if we are with clients - please do leave a message and we will call you back at our earliest convenience). 
It’s all about you: 
Before your massage, we will always carry out an initial consultation - this may only take a few minutes or it could take longer if we need to gather more information. It’s really important we understand the purpose of your visit so that we can make sure we provide the best possible massage service. 
A Sports Massage incorporates techniques from other massage styles to provide a deep and rehabilitating process that manipulates the soft tissue. Sports Massage predominantly uses myofascial release techniques to stretch the fascia; a hollow fibrous network of connective tissue made of elastin and collagen that surrounds the organs, bones, muscles and tendons within the body. Poor posture and physical trauma can cause the fascia to become hard and lose elasticity, resulting in a decrease in flexibility. Manipulating and stretching it during a Sports Massage will relax the fascia and tissue it surrounds to regain the flexibility and motion. 
Restorative – Often received regularly whilst training for an event or for those looking to progress their training. Also works well for those who work behind a desk or drive for long periods of time. Restorative Sports Massage works to enable further training by helping to prevent possible injuries. 
Rehabilitative – Serves to alleviate pain from an injury and return the affected tissue to normal. It’s important that any injury is assessed before any massage is provided. Please let us know if your massage booking is due to injury so we can prepare or gather any relevant information. 
Trigger Point Work – trigger points are a natural part of the muscle and can directly cause pain without explanation. By using cycles of isolated pressure and release it is possible to reduce the trigger points. 
Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) - IASTM is the use of a tool to work on the soft tissue of the body during massage. Instrument-assisted massage influences the fascia which is a connective tissue web-like structure that encompasses every bone, muscle organ, ligament and tendon in the body. Fascia is affected by stressors such as repetitive movement patterns which can cause the connective tissue to stretch and bind. IASTM can help break down these bindings or adhesions in the fascia and scar tissue. IASTM can begin the healing process which lays down new fibres. Combining IASTM with movement patterns helps to organise the new tissue. Like sports massage or deep tissue massage, IASTM can also be used to break up muscle adhesions and restore tissue to its normal length and function. 
Dynamic Taping - Dynamic Taping is available both within your massage session and as a stand-alone service. Dynamic Tape:  
stretches in all directions rather than just longitudinally like kinesiology tapes 
has many times the resistance and recoil likened to a bungy cord whereas kinesiology tapes and nylon tapes have gentle resistance to lift the skin 
stretches much further and doesn’t have a solid endpoint in the same way as athletic or kinesiology tapes do. This allows Dynamic Tape to be applied in the shortened position to maximise the ‘bungy’ effect and still permit full movement 
is designed to work mechanically, designed to alter movement patterns while absorbing load and re-injecting that energy back into movement, all without limiting range of motion. Kinesiology tapes are designed to work neurophysiologically, attempting to alter pain perception, muscle activity or circulation via contact with and lifting of the skin. 
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Client Reviews: 

At Your Appointment 
Those suffering from any viral infection are advised not to receive a Sports Massage whilst ill. A Sports Massage will stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system and can cause the virus to spread in the body. 
It can take 24-48 hours to feel the full benefit of a Sports Massage after which you should feel comfortable, rejuvenated and refreshed. 
Unlike a full body massage, it is likely that Mark will focus on specific areas of the body once an assessment has been carried out prior to the treatment. A client assessment will include a range of exercises that will allow Mark to observe your posture & symmetry, flexibility and mobility of the muscles and joints along with your range of movements through passive, resistive and active movements. 
What to wear: 
Depending on the area of your body to be worked on, we ask clients to dress appropriately. For a more effective treatment we suggest wearing lightweight, flexible clothing such as loose shorts and a vest top or similar. For ladies receiving a back/shoulder massage, we would suggest wearing a standard bra and NOT a racer-back sports bra. A changing room is available within the treatment room.  
Please shower if you will have trained immediately before your massage - shower facilities are available on site.  
Creams & Oils 
If you have any allergies to creams or oils, please let us know on booking. If you prefer a certain cream or oil, please feel free to bring your own.  
Mark uses 2 different waxes generally. One is a liquid wax which is used for 80% of his massage techniques. The other is a sports massage wax which provides additonal grip and control when needed such as when using tool assited massage. 
How often should you have a massage? 
Some will have a sports massage weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as and when they feel it's time. Others will have a sports massage pre or post-race. We can offer advice and guidance post treatment to help you get the most from each massge and the timings. 
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Active Management and Rehab of Injuries 



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